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Time for an update......

Great end to the half term week.
Thursday night- I went to the brecks, again. After driving round the forest clearfells near East Harling, I decided to set up at one and hope. I was rewarded with excellent views of Nightjar at 3 seperate clearfells, including a pair. Intiguing to watch, for as long as the light allowed. Incessant churring combined with the odd croaking sound, can't work out if both sexes emit this call or not. Woodcock, Red Deer and Tawny owl the other highlights. Possible Long eared in the headlights but could so easily have been Tawny at that distance. Still, managed to avoid any dogging sites this time.
Friday- put in 3 hours sky watching from Pipps Ford in Suffolk in hope that the Booted Eagle would be seen again. It wasn't, although hopefully it will be pinned down now, reports today suggest it is in the Havant/Andover area. Hobby, Buzzard and Nightingale were seen during the watch, and it was good to catch up the 3 other birders who made the effort.

Golden Delicious

It is half term, so I promised myself one early start. drove off into the Brecks at just gone 5am this morning, and after years of anguish and pain, I finally connected with a Golden Pheasant. I would guess around 3 calling males at a sensitive site. 2 Cuckoos, few Mistle Thrush and a Red Deer stag topped off the morning. Put that in your Springwatch and smoke it.