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A sodden Brecks trip and some local highlights

It was a real pleasure to meet Josh (PomSkua) on the 23rd which was a bright and breezy day on the patch and surrounds. Josh, like me, enjoys finding birds and exploring new habitat. We spent a good hour at Wood's End, heading up through the pine belt and down towards the sewage works at Whitlingham. At least 3 Common Buzzard were on the wing in the area and 34 Lapwing graced the ploughed fields. The scrub around the sewage works held a decent number of Redwing and a few Fieldfare- definitely worth coming back here during the Autumn.
At Church Marsh, a calling Oystercatcher was new for the year, a Chiffchaff was flycatching and a female Bullfinch gave her slightly odd trumpeting sound, similar to Northern but not quite right. Coupled with this was a slightly more 'optimistic' flight call, a more upbeat tone than the usual mournful call we expect. As Josh said, still much to learn about our more common species.
Last stop of the day was Claxton, and this proved to be a prope…

Alderford Common and Claxton Marshes

Inspired by recent visits to New Buckenham Common, I have been researching other significant areas of common land in Norfolk. Many seem to be SSSIs, which made my task that much easier. Now, the patch comes first, but with some spare time at the weekend Debs and I headed out to Alderford Common near Lenwade to explore the site. Hawfinch have been reported from here according to a PDF I came across published by Natural England. We didn't manage any of these, but Bullfinch were easy to come by and always make a nice consolation. 4 Buzzard were mewing overhead and a Siskin passed through. We found at least 2 Badger setts and the site looks excellent for these mammals. An enjoyable hour here, we then headed to Whitwell Common which we couldn't find! If anyone has been and knows anything about access, do let me know. They have a Facebook page and I have received some help, but I guess not knowing the area at all puts me at a disadvantage.
Next commons to try- Swannington Upgate and…