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Slow, so slow. But I really should write something!

I am a little spoilt by my location, but I have to admit to being a little uninspired by local birding over the last few weeks. I have been out and about as usual, seen the odd addition to the patchwork year list, but not a lot to write home about. If you are dead keen on Surlingham and the surrounding area, do read on, for here is a comprehensive guide to what has been lurking amongst frozen bushes and reeds for the last few weeks.

A high count of 30 Egyptian Geese were recorded on the 3rd, and most of them remain as of today. A Skylark was a first for the year, as was a Little Egret which was again present this morning, in the company of 3 Greylag, 2 Egyptian and 2 white farm yard type Geese. An odd little grouping.

Redpoll seem to have disappeared, I could hear nor see any this morning at both Wheatfen or Church Marsh. However, on the 3rd males were exhibiting bright pink plumage and looking fantastic. Stock Dove are now singing and have been all month, and Treecreeper are also mak…