Earliest arrival dates of migrants in Surlingham and South Yare

Below is a table (click for larger version) which portrays earliest arrival dates of migrants at Surlingham Church Marsh RSPB (see map for boundaries) and South Yare Valley (using Patchwork Challenge rules and map for this).

Please note that I have used data from the most recent Norfolk Bird Report as a comparison to my findings. Due to the resident populations of both Blackcap and Chiffchaff, the NBR does not have an arrival date for these species. I am recording the earliest singing bird in both cases.

There are a number of gaps in the South Yare column, and in these cases unless otherwise stated, the arrival date at Surlingham Church Marsh IS the earliest recorded arrival and so therefore stands for the whole of the South Yare.

I will endeavour to produce a similar table of departures and will be relying in large upon data from this year due to incomplete data on my part. This table will see the removal of Black Tern, and potentially Common Sandpiper, from the list below.

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