Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dusky proves difficult

Elusive is a word often thrown around to describe both troublesome birds and easterly winds, and there was almost an absence of both today at Warrenhouse Wood, Lowestoft. After being told the bird sounded like a Stonechat, I caught brief flight views of the Dusky Warbler before it disappeared into cover. Glimpses of the bird in the undergrowth were gained, for what it was worth. A lot of waiting around, tape luring from some, and straining of eyes and ears ensued. Brief views of the bird moving through trees as the afternoon shadows lengthened, and that was as good as it got! Cracking bird? I'm Sure it was, although my views didn't really do it justice. Able to confirm it on the 'tack-tack' call more than views.
Beautiful day, only low point was the feeling that Autumn was limping to a close. Hopefully said bird will overwinter and allow better views in the near future.

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