Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Better late than never

27th December, Barton and Wroxham Broad.
The drake Ferruginous Duck had been showing well for a few days. I speculated that it could have been last winter's bird from Hoveton (I tried for this around 6 times, unsuccessfully). Could this be the day I finally catch up with this species? A helpful phone call from TA gave me directions and a bit of motivation! After finding the tiny car park and negotiating the ice covered board walk, myself and my girlfriend were treated to excellent views of a drake Ferruginous Duck! Field notes- same colour hair as my girlfriend. Little sign of white under wing patches.
2 lifers in a day? Drove on to Wroxham Broad, over confident. The Ring Necked Duck had put in the odd appearance of late; surely I couldn't nail this as well? After a nervy wait, a female Ring Necked Duck slid into view, slightly obscured by some garden furniture and twigs. Eventually we did get to see the key characteristics: peaked crown, white bands on bill. All good! Could just about pick it out as it rested, that cone head is a give-away.
Been chasing this pair on and off since the tail end of last year; how typical I should finally get to see both on the same day.

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  1. Congratulations on catching up with both of those! Best wishes for a good new year. James