Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Big Freeze Blogservations

The weather, whilst tough for some of our wildlife, has had a positive impact in that people have found themselves paying closer attention to local patches, myself included. I cannot claim to be a dedicated patcher like some, but rather than risk driving further afield I have been quite content to watch what goes on in the garden and around the village. Here are my Big Freeze observations.

Fieldfare and Redwing. Our country garden is usually more suited to smaller birds, but this winter the Thrushes have taken over. Whilst the aforementioned species are nervy and rarely stop to feed, the fact they have dared to enter the garden at all speaks volumes about their mounting desperation. A recent flat hunting trip in Norwich turned up birds feeding close to Dereham Road.
A record count of 23 Blackbirds tend to boss the bird table and ground level feeding station. Quite a sight, and a challenge to pick out the dominant individual/s.
Male and female Bullfinch in the garden. As with the winter Thrushes, their stay was brief and they didn't even attempt the feeder. This is however a garden tick.
My father spends part of his week managing a local pig unit. He has seen Snipe on the tiny pond just off the road. A Kingfisher was also seen here in October, perhaps a sign of what was to come. Really special sightings for my small Suffolk village.
Last night as myself and friends drove out for a pint, I spotted a Tawny Owl in a hedge, and on the way to work another bird narrowly missed my front Windscreen. I would guess tawnies are doing ok, perhaps not Barn Owls due to their hunting method. Driving home we narrowly missed 3 Roe Deer in the middle of the road.
An evocative sight any time of year, a Starling 'swarm' in Thetford has been a pleasure to observe both from and to work. Around a thousand birds can be seen at dusk south on Croxton Road from the leisure centre.

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  1. great blog - nice to find a local one - we'll be back! t.x