Tuesday, 13 April 2010

13/04/10 Waxham

All seemed quiet in the county, if you go by the pager that is. Must be some birds out there? A walk through the marrams towards the pipe dump at Waxham reeked of potential, complete with biting NNE wind! Early signs were not promising, just the resident Chaffinches and LT Tits. On approaching the pipe dump, memories flooded back of the possible Semi-collared Flycatcher I saw here a year (or more?) ago. These bushes needed careful attention. A Willow Warbler gave a burst of song, and was then easily located. A second bird was seen in the adjacent bush, and further down the track another put in a showing to make it a hat-trick. The chicken paddocks (!) held 3 Stonechat on the fence and 2 male Marsh Harriers put in an appearance, one resting for awhile amongst the chickens! A Kestrel breezed through and was suitably grilled, and the resident Skylarks made a fuss of the windy conditions.
Decided a quick stop at Shrangri La was in order (a holiday bungalow with a rare looking garden before you ask) and this was a wise decision. Just north, in the garden of the smaller bungalow, was a Ring ouzel. Job done! It didn't hang around, the chack-chack call was audible as the bird disappeared into the scrub, I had been able to watch it for no more than 2 minutes.
A sparrowhawk on the drive back could not have been more confiding, perched, as I crept up on it in the car. Needed a camera, memory will have to suffice.

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