Monday, 9 August 2010

Holiday fit for a King part 2

Just a different kind of King this time.......
Almost forgot I had entered the competition, so to receive an email from Zeiss UK congratulating me on winning a walk and lunch with Simon King at Birdfair left me speechless, for at least 5 minutes, then the expletives and phone calls followed. Goes without saying I cannot wait, but what to ask him???
I have decided to adopt Surlingham Church Marsh RSPB as my local patch. Just under 20 minutes drive from my doorstep, seems like a great reserve with bags of potential. Patch details and the beginnings of a list to follow. A visit saturday evening produced a Marsh Harrier, 2 Common Buzzard and Grey Heron from the church ruins 'watch point', ideal for viz-mig.
Having spent a few years in Norwich now, I feel the need to put some time in and focus on one area close to home. Furthermore, the list is getting there and I no longer feel the need to see anything and everything in Norfolk. I will still be hitting the east coast come autumn, and the usual trips up to Cley and Wells will be forthcoming I am sure.
I am off to Derbyshire, Milford to be precise, for a week so will attempt the odd update when possible. Now where is my passport......

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  1. Congratulations on winning the competition.

    I only tend to visit Surlingham Church Marsh in the spring, so I'll be interested in finding out whats there the rest of the year. I used to walk there from Norwich along the Wherryman's Way, but I think the Wood's End pub at Bramerton (my break point!) is shut at the moment.

    Looking back through my notes I don't have many good records because of the infrequent visits. Garganey May 2008 and Water Rail March 2007 probably the best two. I'd check when the gun club are active, I have been there when they've been shooting, which was a bit of a waste of time!