Sunday, 7 November 2010

Happisburgh duck watch

Great range of species, mainly duck, seen off Happisburgh this a'noon, between 13.40 and 15.00.
In no particular order:
c100 Common Scoter, one Velvet a little closer to the shore.
1 Little Auk bombing South.
2 Great Black-Backed Gulls, distantly.
8 Brent Geese.
An incredible 163 Common Eider, all heading north.
Female and Male Goldeneye, not together.
11 Wigeon.
1 Kittiwake resting up on a groyne before flying off northwards.

Inland, 14 Golden Plover, 10 Skylark and c15 Lapland Buntings capped off an excellent afternoon in the field.

Gotta admit, I just can't get excited by this Northern Harrier business. But then, I did rubbish the advanced Bird ID Guide. I now believe it to be essential reading.
Flights booked to Estonia next April, a week of 'birding, racoon-dogs and culture'. Very excited, Steller's Eider, Great Snipe, Owls, Peckers, Bears, who knows. Details to follow. If anyone has been, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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