Sunday, 2 January 2011

Exciting trip to Lowestoft! Yes, really!

The long-staying Iceland Gull at Lowestoft finally proved too tempting, and a worthwhile visit it was. Excellent views down to a few metres were obtained of the bird at Ness Point. I did manage a couple of shots which of course do not do this bird justice, but at least the camera is out of the drawer. A single Purple Sandpiper was seen on the rocks, and c11 Turnstone were counted.

Driving back through Norwich, a group of likely looking suspects near the station gave me a buzz- around 10 Waxwings were in a tiny tree opposite the entrance to Riverside car-park. A good self-found tick, and probably the shortest height from the ground I have ever seen Waxwings perched. Nice.

After inputting me Surlingham life list into Bubo Listings, minus the spring and summer, I am currently on 77 species. Even with the expected Warblers and suchlike, I have re-targeted my yearly total- I am aiming for 90 species this year! That final total will include the marshy ground around Wood's End (I'm having that Peregrine) and the hilly ground and grazing fields around the gun club.

So, some pictures from the day. Don't scroll down if you are expecting Waxwing or anything digiscoped.

Turnstone City

Look Carefully.

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