Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Things are starting to happen- The Monthly Count.

New hardback A6 Notebook in hand, I set out to count everything I saw and heard at Surlingham Church Marsh, yesterday. My past notes are a bit of a muddle/mystery, and aside from writing them up on here, incomplete scribblings are the fruits of my labour to date. That is about to change.
Firstly, the highlights. A pair of Treecreeper engaging in courtship would be a good spot anywhere, but this wasn't anywhere; this was the patch, and this was a new bird! Nearby, a Blue Tit was chased and then violently attacked by a gang of 3 fellow Blueys. I stood by and did nothing. Across at Wood's End, a very lost looking Oystercatcher was also a new
bird for the reserve list, and I have never been so pleased to see an Oystercatcher. There were 3 Great Crested Grebes on the river, a pair of which were nest building. At least 6 Siskin were seen, 2 Shelduck were on the lagoon and 2 Stock Doves called. Lovely stuff.
The following is in no real order (common ones first, prepared at home) and took place between 2.30 and 4pm (read that line in the voice of Jack Bauer):

6 Blackbird
8 Blue Tit
11 Great Tit
10 long Tailed Tit
7 Robin
20+ Woodpigeon
4 Carrion Crow
10 Magpie
88 Greylag Goose
2 Chaffinch
1 Dunnock
10+ Black Headed Gull
3 Wren
6 Greenfinch
2 Goldcrest
6 Siskin
2 Treecreeper
1 Oystercatcher
4 Coot
3 Great Crested Grebe
8 Moorhen
5+ Wigeon
4 Egyptian Goose
1 Green Woodpecker
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
2 Common Gull
2 Gadwall
2 Stock Dove
38 Teal
2 Shelduck
1 Redwing
10+ Fieldfare
2 Mistle Thrush
1 Reed Bunting
1 Water Rail
1 Grey Heron
1 Pheasant
1 Mute Swan
1 Song Thrush
1+ Goldfinch

Missed Bullfinch, but I am pleased with 40 Species.
These 2 Shelduck have returned to the lagoon, and if the much maligned and abused sightings board in the hide is to be believed, they were here 5 days ago also.

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