Monday, 4 July 2011

A (mainly) Insect based update

Set the Moth trap at the folks' on Friday night in ideal conditions. We were not disappointed, a great haul including both Privet and Poplar Hawk, Peppered, Scalloped Oak, Dot and Common Footman amongst others. Some of the duller, more worn individuals have proven tricky to ID, so the pictures have been emailed to my Moth expert. A full list to follow!

Surlingham Saturday evening was glorious as usual, although bird life was restricted to a reeling Grasshopper Warbler and soaring Sparrowhawk. I will hold back from saying the Lapwing chicks have all been predated until I can visit again. Debs and I managed a good Butterfly list:

Large White

Small White

Green-veined White

Red Admiral


Large Skipper


Common Blue

Meadow Brown.

Also, can anyone ID this snail?? I believe Surlingham is known for its invertebrates, and one snail in particular. Maybe this is the critter?

Sunday afternoon looked promising for more Butterflies, so we again grabbed the camera and headed out, first visiting little known Booton Common NWT. Again, Ringlets galore here, plenty of Meadow Browns and the odd Large Skipper. A singing Chiffchaff was one of few birds seen or heard.

My Butterfly list is small, but with so many good areas of habo in Norfolk I hope it will be positively swelling by September. Buxton Heath holds a small colony of the rare Silver-Studded Blue, and Deb's pictures below will tell you all you need to know.

Bullfinch calling here also, and a Siskin flew overhead. Yellowhammer numbers seem good here, and the site looks ideal for Tree Pipit and Woodlark.

Still becoming better aquainted with the finer points of Dragonfly ID, although I am fairly confident that we had a pair of Broad-bodied Chaser investigating a large puddle.

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