Monday, 12 September 2011

....and then onto the patch

Seeing rare birds does have an inspirational effect on me, and riding high on the buzz of seeing a Little Bittern earlier in the morning I headed to Surlingham Church Marsh that evening, eager to find some birds.
The male Marsh Harrier was back, drifting over the reed bed as the light began to wane. The muddy margins really should hold some Waders, but I had to be content with watching the Ducks for a bit. 
The main points of note came whilst watching the dark descend from on high, next to the ruins. On approaching, a few Mistle Thrush exited a large Oak. By the time they had all left, I had counted 29! Maybe I had disturbed their planned roost site, but hopefully this was usual behaviour for this time of the day. I reckon there were more, too. Pleased with a record count for the site, I was preparing to head back to the car when a Hobby appeared, like only Hobbies can do. High, over my head, then onto the reserve. A final foray before bed no doubt. Now very satisfied, I did head back to the car. 

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