Saturday, 29 October 2011

Patch list creeps up, and a trip to the G Y.

Thursday morning, I snuck in a couple of hours on the patch before marking books loomed large.
Good bit of vis-mig taking place, including Greenfinch, Skylark and Pied Wagtail. On rounding the first bend, I heard the familiar mournful call of a Bullfinch- 2 birds flew from view. Siskin were here too, but then a less familiar call. Convinced this was not an odd Great Tit, I waited around and backed off a little. Sure enough, a Marsh Tit flew into view. Surprisingly, this is a new bird for my patch list, despite seemingly good habitat. Certainly never heard singing during the breeding season, so I wonder where this little chap has come from. My favourite tit on the patch!

Moving on, the ground muddy beneath my boots now, Geese and Corvids were busy overhead communicating in scattered groups. On the lagoon, another first: the only Duck species present were Teal, and 122 was a record count for the patch. Quite a day, then!

Yesterday (28th) I set off for Great Yarmouth cemetery for some sprite hunting. I began in the north section, but arrived back at the road a lot sooner than I had hoped to! Not a lot doing then. Sadly, the south section was even more quiet. In total, one Goldcrest, 2 Redwing, Linnet and Siskin in groups overhead and a couple of Fieldfare completed the below average haul considering time and place.
Breydon Water was at high tide, but a quick scan through revealed the expected Avocet, Golden Plover, Redshank, Curlew, Black-tailed Godwit and a selection of winter Ducks. 
Best of all were three Little Egret, one of which was hunting under the bridge next to a late-ish Whimbrel. 

Even more exciting (I know, it's October guys) were two Mistle Thrush over our house in Norwich yesterday.

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