Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Post One- Hemsby and Caister

Began my search of 'new' habitat round Hemsby and Caister. I must have been searching in the wrong area, for I did not see the Waxwings that have since been reported. However, it was Thrush city in a small copse; c50 Blackbird and a smattering of Redwing. A Bullfinch was amongst Chaffinch feeding on berries. This apparently the wood that once held Dusky, Pallas's and YBW. I can see why, I need to be hitting this every day in half term! The dunes also look decent, large-ish areas of bramble and plenty of leafy gardens for birds to hide up in.

At Caister beach, and I quickly got onto a group of 19 Snow Bunting, several showing much of their striking summer plumage, fantastic! Despite the misty conditions at sea, Red-throated Divers came past and 2 Gannets fished more distantly. A probable Red-necked Grebe was seen briefly, but I made the mistake of moving my scope. That was that! A nice suprise were a flock of 21 Barnacle Geese heading south. I had a wander round the small patch of heathland north of the town, nothing doing here but again an area I clearly need to find the time for. I have since read the the other end of town, an area round the golf course, is decent for migrants too.

Popped into Filby Broad on the way home, 6 Goldeneye the highlight here. A backing track of howling apes from the wildlife gardens made for a surreal experience.

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