Sunday, 29 January 2012

An update of minuscule importance

Common Cranes being hoaxed, a Spanish Sparrow shagging our Sparrows, a Long-eared Owl at a 'secret' mid-Norfolk location and an Iceland Gull influx are just some of the stories emanating from Norfolk and further afield. These tales all share one thing- I have nothing to do with any of them! Post-OFSTED I am just happy to be alive, my last few weeks have seen me struggling to maintain a work-life balance. However, I put all of that behind me today with a jaunt to Happisburgh. I searched the cliff face in hope of Snow Bunting or maybe Twite, but had to settle for James and Ossie out for a walk! The Scoter flock at sea numbered around 60, and after flying landed close in next to a Red-throated Diver. James picked out a dark looking Herring Gull with a streaky head, probably one of those Argentatus things.
We then drove further inland, searching some farmland. A Common Buzzard was harassed by one very persistent Crow, and a second Barn Owl of the day was seen. 2 Kestrels were seen perched, and as the light faded 2 Chinese Water Deer came out to feed at the field's edge. I had heard a strange call earlier, which I am fairly sure came from a Little Owl. Habitat certainly looked spot on. Driving back, a mixed Thrush flock and a Bullfinch made for a nice finish.
The Surlingham year list is slow to say the least. Most of the usual suspects are on there, last week 2 Treecreeper were a welcome early addition.
Other bits and bobs have included a Woodcock bombing over the road near Croxton (almost on the school list) and the over-wintering Grey Wagtail still at The Academy.
Two weeks until half term!

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