Sunday, 15 April 2012

Is anyone out there?

Slow as hell on the patch right now. A Swallow flying strongly upriver was a new addition to the year list, but still no Warblers in the reeds other than the resident Cettis. Highlight today was undoubtedly a male Marsh Harrier giving the local Ducks a few nervy moments, right out in front of the hide.
1-4 Lapwing can be found on the mud at the back of the lagoon, which sadly have put pay to the presence of the pair of Little-ringed Plover, it would seem. The Lapwing can be quite aggressive, dive-bombing any potential intruders. The pair of Shelduck were back today, hopefully now ready to breed here.
The cold north wind meant vis mig was non-existent, and another look at the charts doesn't fill me with confidence for the week ahead. Easter break done and dusted, and despite some just lovely days out, I can't help but feel a little short changed.
On the plus side, birds making little head way on the continent are perhaps caught in a bottle-neck of sorts, so when the wind and weather does change for the better, we had better brace ourselves. Oh, and I get to bird in Norfolk, so not all bad is it?

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