Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What a difference a day makes

A trip to the North coast on Saturday with friends was largely uneventful, but we did enjoy good views of some of the best Norfolk has to offer. Bearded Tits at Cley, Pink-feet regularly passing overhead and some Grey Partridge at Wareham. Cley aside, saw barely any birders at all; no doubt waiting for Monday morning!
Driving to work I just knew it would be buzzing out there. More than just compensation was a high-speed chase on the A11 involving a Sparrowhawk and a presumed Blue Tit; I do not know if the latter survived, but what a scene it was, the prey twisting and turning above the traffic to avoid being just another victim.
I managed to leave off work at the earliest opportunity today to see if the Thrush fall had impacted on my patch.
It was evident that Robins were in abundance,I counted 18 around the reserve. The hoped for Redwing and Fieldfare were present too, conservative estimates of 15+ for each in one berry-laden hot-spot.. Meadow Pipit, Pied Wagatil, Lesser Redpoll and Blackbird passed through, may unseen in the fog. Watching a Barn Owl hunt the marsh, a sound from the weekend had me just a bit excited- a long over-due patch tick was flying somewhere up there: Pink-footed Geese. Also of note was an almost continuous passage of Black-headed Gull, south-west. Water Rail were squealing, Cettis calling- magic!
To finish off, I assisted a farmer in returning a cow to a field. Can't beat the patch!
Some Autumnal and misty photos below.

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