Sunday, 9 December 2012

Taking up the challenge

Having decided to join in with the Patchwork Challenge fun, the boundaries of my patch have been allowed a little breathing space. Whilst I shall maintain my Surlingham Church Marsh year/life list, the other areas south of the Yare that I tend to potter around in such as Rockland, Wheatfen and Claxton will surely add some variety to my final Patchwork year list. In anticipation, I headed to Wheatfen after a quiet walk around Church Marsh early doors. Although in keeping with the lack of birds at Church Marsh earlier (a juvenile Marsh Harrier and Mistle Thrush in the churchyard the pick of the bunch) I did happen upon a mixed Thrush and Finch flock in a grazing field north of The Covey. c100 Redwing and Fieldfare were feeding on the ground along with c50 Chaffinch. I could not pick out a Brambling amongst them, instead finding a few Goldfinch. Behind me was a feeding station in a small front garden which the common Tits were enjoying. I made a note to keep an eye on this area as Winter progresses and the birds become ever hungrier.
Around the reserve I managed Tree Creeper, Bullfinch and a few Jays. I also stumbled upon this birch tree supporting maybe 2 species of Fungi:

 This looks like Birch Polypore
Also Birch Polypore, not fully developed?

Details of my new patch boundaries to follow, although not a lot changes really. My stomping ground does not change, but what this will do is get me out to Rockland Broad and Wheatfen when things are quiet at Church Marsh. 

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