Sunday, 26 May 2013

Whirlwind couple of weeks

Just happy to be alive and kicking after a nasty accident involving a berk in a lorry and my now scrapped Fiesta. Luckily, a lady stopped and offered to be a witness if necessary which put my faith back in humanity within a few minutes. Moral of the story? Do not take out insurance with Hastings Direct. Useless. 

Anyway, rant over and new car is on the way. Starting with the South Yare patch, a new species was added to the year list, and a very pleasing one too since Grey Partridge have declined considerably in the last 20 years. A pair were seen in a field along Surlingham Lane. At Church Marsh, 2 Feral Pigeon were an almost regrettable patch tick. Things have been quiet here, as the resident species settle down to breed and absolutely no Waders pas through. It has been rather more lively over at Claxton, where a Montagu's Harrier has been hanging around opposite Buckenham RSPB. Despite 3 evening visits after work, I still haven't connected. A calling Greenshank did provide me with a new bird for the year however. 

Yesterday, Connor and I agreed to put some time in on the Norfolk coast searching for migrants. Upon hearing that he and Ben had endured a largely fruitless day on the point the day before, I was already lowering my expectations. We walked Burnham Overy Dunes and Wareham Greens, not seeing a single migrant. The saving grace was smashing views of a pair of Montagu's Harrier and a Red Kite.

Today, Debs and I enjoyed a stroll in some sunshine around Wheatfen. Finally, we observed our first Dragons and Damsels of the year. A pair of both Large Red and Azure Damselfly and then 2 singles of Hairy Dragonfly were seen. Other bits of interest were a Sparrowhawk, Cuckoo and at least 2 Grass Snakes. 
We had our eyes to the skies here and later at Rockland, but no sign of the reported Black Kite from yesterday. 

A Bat update- last night I was on a NBMP course which dealt with survey methodology and identification. I'm good to go! Bats were not really playing ball, a few Daubs and less than 5 Pips; it was bloody freezing. We did see a roding Woodcock and a Barn Owl at Santon Downham. 
At the Norwich Bat Group AGM I ended up joining the committee, so the way this Summer is shaping up I won't be seeing too much daylight!

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