Monday, 6 June 2016

Finally, just in time for the tail end of Spring migration........

.......we get some good weather. Too little too late? Only time will tell. I have enjoyed watching the resident birds go about their business on the local marshes and broads, but that ranks as the poorest Spring I can recall in terms of migrants and variety. That is not to say the birding is not good- but just a little underwhelming. Over at Rockland Broad on Saturday, I enjoyed a bit of a raptor fest, with 3 Hoby, 2 Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Marsh Harrier and Kestrel all seen well. 2 Garden Warbler were singing, one by the carpark and one by the broad. A couple of Common Tern were hawking over the broad, and a Kingfisher was up to the usual near the hide. Don't get me wrong, this is all great (and in the warm too) but I was hoping for something a little different at Rockland this Spring. Still, with the decent weather set to continue for the next week, eyes to the skies. And indeed, to the ground, for my first Wall Browns of the year were flying and I happened upon my first 4-spotted Chasers of the year too.

I made my way round Church Marsh early Sunday morning, and whilst the broad itself has quietened down with nesting wildfowl tucked away, the (resident?) male Marsh Harrier continues to hunt, and the reedbeds remain alive with Sedge and Reed Warbler song. Back on the marshes close to home, a Hobby showed nicely from its perch on a post. The highlight of the last week has been without doubt the local Barn Owls. At least 2 have been screeching from the field beyond our garden limits, and on clear nights the birds can be seen silhouetted as they fly backwards and forwards.

I see a Blue-winged Teal has been reported from Carlton Marshes, a bird that has given me the slip on 2 previous occasions. My next opportunity to try for this would be Wednesday or even Thursday, so hopefully it will do the honourable thing and hang on for me.
 Hat weather
Shorts weather

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