Friday, 19 August 2016

Update 3/3- Minsmere.

Driving along the track to Minsmere, I was reminded of how much excellent and often impenetrable habitat there is here. Upon arrival, hearing a Bee Eater had been seen on the reserve, I remarked to mum that it would most likely have worked its way inland by now. Thankfully, I was wrong. The bird remains present today, and we both managed distant views of this most exotically dressed of migrants as it hunted for bugs over the woods. Within minutes of seeing this bird from East Hide, I picked up an interesting looking Buzzard over Westleton. A prolonged look and this turned out to be one of the Honey Buzzards in the area, drooping wings and more pronounced tail giving it away. With 2 excellent birds in the bag, a look over the scrape revealed a Little Gull and a few Ruff.

Minsmere being what it is, more was in store. A female Adder almost crossed our path as we walked amongst the dunes, the first time I have seen one of these for at least 2 years. A couple of Wheatear whizzed about in the dunes, photographers desperately trying to get that shot. The sluice bushes were quiet, so we walked up to the chapel ruins. Chapel Pool was excellent for Waders, although in almost blinding light it was difficult to pin down all of them. Curlew Sandpiper, Redshank, Dunlin and a probable Little Stint were on the pool, and the latter had been reported from there so this was likely to have been the tiny scampering silhouette we saw. Elsewhere, a couple of Knot were seen from South Hide.

After a traditional for Minsmere jacket potato lunch, we headed to Sizewell. Perhaps something regarding the warm outflow here has changed, for there were no Terns hunting around the platforms. Over the power station, a juvenile Peregrine was flexing its muscles. An excellent day out.

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