Sunday, 11 September 2016

Slowly does it

With summer continuing to outstay her welcome, birding has been slow of late. Having been over at Strumpshaw Fen to look through some Moths with Ben on the 31st, and feeling like I hadn't seen anything 'good' for ages, I strung out the morning with a walk round to Tower Hide. The immature Glossy Ibis was showing well in front of the hide, and continues to be present at time of typing. This bird constitutes my 5th Yare Valley record after 4 birds at Reedham/Cantley Marshes in 2012. A target bird south of the river for sure.

Frosted Orange, my first, from Strumpshaw Fen
 The Glossy Ibis, a mid-stayer 

Having been round Church Marsh and Rockland Broad this weekend, along with regular walks down to the river, I can safely say there is not much around at the moment. Still, the weather is glorious and I never tire of getting out and exploring the valley. Church Marsh had a juvenile male Marsh Harrier, a pinging Bearded Tit and a few returning Teal and Shovelor. Chiffchaff are everywhere, their 'hweet' call giving them away. I wonder how many will stay for the Winter. Rockland was dead this afternoon, although a Small Copper was a new one for the site. 

On Butterflies, my garden has really delivered this Summer. Along with the expected common species, we have had Small Copper, Painted Lady, Wall Brown, Speckled Wood and Brown Argus! The beds we have been digging and tending to already paying off. 

Being back at work means the Moth trap only gets set at the weekend, which is hurting. A few new ones of note: Engrailed, Marbled Beauty, Pale Water Veneer, Common Purple and Gold, Rush Veneer and Rusty Dot Pearl. I am still letting many micros go without ID, but hopefully The book will turn up on my birthday later this month. 

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