Tuesday, 6 July 2010

River Warbler a nice suprise

As mid summer approaches, a look through the birding archives will reveal a lull in activity, and to be honest the last few weeks have been a little slow. Nothing to write home about, so I haven't! Few trips to Strumpshaw, enjoying the summer evenings followed by a cider back in the city, you know how it is. Door-step birding.
When news broke on sunday that a River Warbler had been singing at a site SE of Norwich for the past few days, I was very much on alert again. Did not get much done all day. Waiting. Haddiscoe was eventually revealed as the place to be, so after a quick snack I headed over and was welcomed by 'River Warbler >' signs. There really should be more of these, eastern Europe presumably the place for them. I was waved in, put my money in the collection pot, and car-parking attendants beckoned me into a spot. Bit like Glastonbury! The crowd was slowly building so I took up my place near the front of the viewing point. A Barn Owl, Marsh Harrier, Hobby, Tree Creeper and Stock Dove kept the awaiting group occupied.
The Warbler itself sang on and off between 6 and 9pm, a silence of varying length settling over the group when the bird began again. And what a noise! It reminded me of a sewing machine. At around 9pm, true to form, the song really kicked in and became more regular. Many of those waiting had now flocked back to the car park in hope of a glimpse, and in light of this charge I stayed where I was. Around 9.20 I was rewarded with good views of the bird moreorless in the open, singing, in Norfolk! Rather smugly, I left soon after, realising that was a moment to savour and was as good as it would get. I fear a few may have 'ticked' a brown blob, but each to their own. Many thanks to the finders for allowing us onto their land, you have proved what can be done! I may head back for a second helping should the bird stick. A Little Owl was seen on a post driving home, not far from the site.

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