Sunday, 11 July 2010

This River Warbler is bought to you by......

A call from a birding friend and mentor had me up at 4am saturday morning, helping out at the River Warbler twitch. Thoroughly enjoyable experience, and nice to put something back into the scene after last sunday. The bird itself showed well in the wee hours, singing atop of a thistle and elsewhere between 4.45am and 8am. As the heat set in, the bird became more difficult to see, but whilst on car park duty I did manage some good views. The marsh itself offered some great birding after hours, including Barn Owl, Hobby, Marsh Harrier, Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers. Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Comma Butterflies also observed.
Back at the family home in Suffolk, the pair of Turtle Doves appear to have settled down to the point where I can't find them, and 2 young Tawny Owls greeted us on returning from the pub late last night.
The moth trap this morning was brimming, and whilst I have plenty to still to ID, 5 Elephant Hawkmoths, 4 Swallowtails, 1 Magpie, 1 Privet Hawk, 1 Ghost and 1 Mother of Pearl were trapped. Plenty more photos to trawl through, when I get the chance.
A Lapwing woke us up on friday night, calling loudly from our roof in Norwich. Obviously an under-recorded phenomenon.

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