Monday, 27 September 2010

Empid effort and a shedload of Robins.

It was just about worth it, one of those 'I was there moments'. After a gruelling walk, I managed good views of an Empidonax Flycatcher in the plantation. Eye ring, olive tones, tail flicking, yes- this one was from The States! Quite which one it is, the experts will decide but from what I have read ID will be tricky and may take some time. Some good bits on LGRE's blog. The walk back was reminiscent of a scene from Dawn of The Dead, but a Grey Phalarope was a good self-find on the beach. Now one of these and 2 Red Necked at Kelling, amazing!
Feeling like the time to strike was now, I left early from school today and trawled Waxham until dark. Huge numbers of continental Robins had made landfall, a 'tick' from moreorless every bush. Good few Blackbirds, handful of Goldcrest, 30 Siskin, 7 Redwing, and Chiffchaff were all in the bushes around Shangri La and the trail to the beach. The first Pink Footed Geese had arrived, and they shared a field with a mixed flock of Lapwing, Golden Plover and Ruff. Great feel about the evening, a real intensity in the air. A female Pied Flycatcher was probably the best of the bunch, but surely more to come?

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