Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Just another day

Late twenties really is not significant, but I still felt the need to treat myself a little and get out birding this evening.
Debs had not yet been to Buckenham Marshes, and we were the right side of the city for a meal at the re-opened Rushcutters. On arrival in the carpark, Rooks and Jackdaws were perched on the wires like harbingers of old age. Looking forward to the winter roost here. On the track to the scrape, a few Linnets nipped in and out of the scrub. Quite a Gull roost had built up, mainly Black Headed but a few juvenile Herring. Lapwing were sparingly interspersed. The main attractions were again the raptors. A hunting Marsh Harrier was the first to show itself in the fading light, then of more interest was a possible female Hen Harrier. Difficult to id at a distance, but the general jizz felt right. The keen eye of my better half picked up a falcon on a post, which turned out to be a cracking Peregrine! What with the small arrival of Wigeon, signs of winter are afoot.

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