Sunday, 3 October 2010

Out of tune at Holkham forces local action.

OK, so this has moreorless been done to death on Birdforum, but it would seem there was something of a mishap regarding Hippo id at Holkham on Saturday. It would seem that an Icterine Warbler was indeed seen early doors, and this individual did not hang around. However, a report of a Melodious Warbler bought out the crowds, and understandably so. Hoping to see a county mega, I ditched the trip to the east coast (mistake) and joined the throngs. On arrival, most were standing around in hope, and word on the track was that the reported Melodious was optimistic at best. Not one to linger, I spent a good hour round the cross-tracks hoping for the YBW that was reported earlier that morning. I settled for a good haul of common migrants in the bushes including Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Bullfinch, lots of Goldcrest and c10 Siskin.
Good to see Connor, James and Gary at the 'ghost' twitch, and the north coast is a premier birding venue, but the crowds of people at the pine woods is enough to put me off for a while....and I was one of them! If you follow the news, there always that chance you will get stung. Not that I will learn anything from this.
Spent this afternoon exploring habitat round Surlingham. Surlingham Marsh at Coldham Hall is a nice spot, but all I managed in the wind was a Kestrel. The patch itself (Surlingham CHURCH Marsh, confusing isn't it?) was quiet, no doubt due to the Sunday gun club. A few Teal and Gadwall were on the lagoon, so clearly the rifle fire does not bother all of the wildfowl. A large Tit flock were near the hide, and out of sight I could hear what I believe was some kind of Reed Warbler sub song, an odd one that. Wellies absolutely essential here; track muddy most of the way round and signs that the site is beginning to flood. A drive round Claxton and Langley offered fantastic views over the marshes, but the wind seemed to be putting pay to raptor spotting.

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