Thursday, 7 October 2010

Surlingham this evening 07/10/10

The light was fading as I observed my latest patch tick- a Little Owl, perched on a fence post out on the grazing land. A satisfying find; the habitat looked spot on for this species, and I hope now that a breeding pair will become vocal in the Spring. It also struck me that it had been some time since I had good views of a Little Owl. No doubt this species goes under-recorded, since many pairs breed on private parkland or agricultural land. Great to have this species at Surlingham. Earlier in the evening, I had been watching 2 Bearded Tits from the hide (heard only before today) along with a glimpse of a Reed Bunting. Quite a contrast to the owl, which says a lot for the varied habitat in a relatively small area. The reserve is slowly revealing itself, and with evidence of further flooding, who knows what could be next.....

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