Sunday, 20 March 2011

In search of Black Redstarts

The Marrams at Sea Palling is a favoured spot of mine for a venture east, and in the past has been a good spot for Black Redstart. One or two have filtered through on the pager of late, but other than to check whats about and what I can expect, I'm not really a pager birder. I set out to find my own. As luck would have it, a striking male was present in one of the gardens, and here he is:

Tim informed me more were present, but were not found during our short stint. We continued on for a look round Eccles, a place I plan to focus on during Spring, if the birds will allow. No Black Reds this time, but 2 good candidates for White Wagtail in a flock of Pied. See what you think, any comments welcome, but the right hand bird looks good to me, as did another out of shot. I realise there is some confusion with 1st summer female Pieds, but the pale grey back contrasting with dark head appeared to be in place.

Happisburgh was not quite so productive. James had seen some Lapland Bunting earlier in the day, but on arrival to a patch of tilled field near the coast watch 2 probable birds lifted off and flew overhead. That was that then! Few Linnet through and a distant raptor hunting mipits was probably a Sparrowhawk.
A Barn Owl was hunting near Crostwick about an hour ago. A good weekend, sure signs that things are moving now.

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