Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wood's End and Surlingham, 13/03/11

Decided it was time to search for a Lesser Pecker within and around the patch, ideal habitat alongside the Yare and plenty of deadwood. I should say now that the search was fruitless, but did throw up some good habo and a few decent birds for the area.
Wood's End had a large flock of Siskin in a small conifer plantation, and a Nuthatch called from within. A Common Buzzard called overhead, and was seen again from the pub- I will keep an eye on this a potential breeding site. Great Spotted Pecker showed well, and my second Brimstone Butterfly in 2 days passed through- stealing a march, or so I thought! My first was seen from the staffroom yesterday, not all bad on the Western Front then.

Surlingham was looking pristine in the sunshine, and approaching the lagoon I could hear Lapwing- usually across river at Wood's End- and then a familiar call which I almost ignored, but then realised where I was.....Redshank! Never actually saw it, but still a new bird for the patch.
A pair of Sparrowhawk soared overhead, and further round the circuit a Kestrel hovered over the marsh. Where had this lot been for the past 2/3 months?! Despite hearing the Redshank, bird of the day went to a Little Egret hunting on the smaller lagoon, viewed from the hill. 2 Reed Bunting could be seen from here, and a Cettis sang with purpose for the first time this year.

Today, I happened across a Reeve's Pheasant, somewhere in The Brecks........although not the bird reported by RBA, an invasion perhaps!

Church Marsh

Little Egret at a distance.


  1. Its good to hear about the Buzzard. I saw one on a few occasions around Whitlingham and Thorpe in 2009, but not at all last year.

  2. Not quite close enough for the patch list, infact probably halfway between Surlingham and Whitlingham- I saw him first! Some good habitat around Wood's End, I will have to walk to Surlingham from Norwich one the Warblers arrive and see what else can be picked up.

  3. Your birds are so different from those around me here in West Virginia, U.S. We have lots of buzzards They have only recently arrived after wintering about 50 miles south.