Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Patch Gold: Common Redstart.

There I was, wandering ever more slowly round Surlingham this evening lamenting the fact that Spring had been quiet here and wishing for a Yellow Wagtail or Whinchat. What I stumbled across has reminded me why patch birding can be so rewarding, and is also my best 'find' here. An unfamiliar song was heard, that I couldn't quite pin onto a Linnet. Eventually the bird in question was accidentally flushed, and the red tail left me in no doubt and the song fell into place. Upon landing, I was treated to super views of a stonking male Common Redstart! I enjoyed watching him for around 45 minutes, sometimes disappearing out of view but faithful to a particular hedgerow. I would imagine the chances of him staying are slim; Redstart are rare breeding birds in Norfolk, and a female would of course need to drop in. However, the habitat does provide breeding potential. With this in mind I will keep the exact location to myself incase the former does occur. That would be superb!
Elsewhere on the reserve, a Fox crossed my path no more than 4 feet in front of me, clearly it had no idea I was there, stock still. Reed Warblers are back at Church Marsh, so now I await Garden Warbler and possibly Lesser Whitethroat.

Over the weekend, I enjoyed views of a Kingfisher from inside the Water's Edge at Wood's End. Pub and bird well worth a look if you are in the area.

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