Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hickling Baires all!

10th August 2009

So, here we go. Thanks for reading!
After news broke that the Baird's Sandpiper had returned to Rush Hill Scrape the previous evening, I drove to Potter Heigham Church in the hope of a Norfolk and British tick. After a short work in the increasing heat, I was looking at a Bairds Sandpiper through my pre- Berlin Wall scope! Fantastic stuff, and my thanks goes to both the Dunlin and little Stint which allowed close comparison. Very long looking bird, more so than the White Rumped Sandpiper I had seen at Welney the pevious week. Feeding pattern was slow and methodical, this time in contrast to the feverish Whitey from Welney.
Decided to visit a few of my usual haunts, which today included Sea Palling and Happisburgh. The former was quiet save for a movement of Swallows, and the latter was not very forthcoming with birds. After an hours seawatch which produced 3 Redshank and 14 Sandwich terns, I gave up. Not without one moment of winged glory- a Wall Brown misbehaved and put out briefly on the ground. This Butterfly lark (not a new species) is still new to me, so excuse any mistakes.
A very good few weeks, considering the timing. PGP, WR Sand and now this. It is easy to switch off in the summer and wait for the Autumn. I hope these few weeks will serve as a reminder for me in the coming years.
Anyone going to Birdfair?

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  1. Welcome to blog-town jimbob. I started this year too ;-) check it: http://jonny09jonny.blogspot.com/ I got the Baird's last nite too. Delighted. See ya on Birdforum!