Monday, 24 August 2009

Minsmere and Sizewell

24th August.
Back to the proper birding and a font size we can hopefully all live with.
Back living in Suffolk until Christmas, so you may notice a somewhat southern twang to my sightings.
The north bushes were finally alive with migrants; at least 4 beautiful Lesser Whitethroats, Willow Warbler and Chiffy all stocking up before the big journey. The scrape was dry save for a pocket in the corner which held Green Sandpiper, but a little more action from the public hide. A Greenshank finally gave itself up, Ringed Plover tried to convince us they were 'Little' and 2 Spotted Redshank fed with purpose. The Terns and Gulls were at sea, so it made for a fulfilling and quiet morning.
Of significance in the Dunes, 4 House Sparrow, a bird very rarely recorded her. There did used to be houses near the Sluice, but that was over 100 years ago to my reckoning. Further on, 2 Yellow Wagtails were a nice treat, feeding around the legs of the Konik Ponies. Swallows prepared to leave. We apparently missed 3 Whinchat on the reserve-bugger.
Sizewell was very productive. Offshore at one of the rigs, at least one Black Tern, 40+ Little Gull and around 15 Common Terns. Right on time, an Arctic Skua flew through, not troubling the Terns one bit. Smashing stuff.

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