Monday, 31 August 2009


31st August
An extremely frustrating day on the reserve. Began at Island Mere, and spent well over an hour looking for the Juvenile Fudge duck, which I later discovered had been seen earlier in the morning. Not an easy task sifting through eclipse plumage, loafing wildfowl in poor light. 2 Hobby hawking over Whin Hill on the way back made for a nice antidote. A vigil from Bittern hide proved fruitless- where were the birds today?! Almost inevitably, a Red Footed Falcon was seen in this area late afternoon. Having spent most of the day here, this was another bitter pill to swallow!
Back on the reserve, I returned to the visitor centre to discover a Spotted Crake had been seen from the Konik field. Like a pratt, I got excited and dragged my partner half walking- half running, down to the field. No sign. Plenty of people mis-identifying Moorhens as Water Rail and Snipe as Highland Cattle, par for the course at Mins! Again, spent ages waiting and scanning the edges in the hope it may appear. Not reported again all day, although the finder apparently got photos.
Managed a short time in South Hide before heading home, managed to pick out a Curlew Sandpiper from a Dunlin party.
I almost went to Levington Creek today, fancied it might throw up a good wader: Marsh Sandpiper seen early morning. Great. Not my day, but good to know the birds are out there!

Of note from home, 2 Red Underwing resting on the house, and a Badger gave our carload a suprise late saturday night post-pub.

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