Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ibis at Boyton and garden moths, 26th September.

Not nearly as far away as I thought, Boyton Marshes RSPB proved to be a decent little reserve and excellent views of 3 Glossy Ibis were forthcoming. During the quieter moments you could hear the birds feeding on the flash, lovely stuff. The ringed individual originates from Donana, apparently.

Stonking views of a Water Rail on drugs, dashing about on a concrete track. Beardies and Cettis were typically heard but not seen, and I witnessed a stand off between a Heron and an Egret. A Wall Brown was my second of the year. The grazing meadows here look great for Pipits and Wagtails.

Went to Shingle Street for a bush-bash, nothing doing but clearly bags of potential here.

Had the new Moth trap out over the weekend. Difficult to give a complete list as I am still unsure about some species, but these I am confident of:
Barred Sallow
Dotted Clay
Blair's Shoulder Knot
Lunar Underwing
Large Ranunculus (I think, picture attached)
Large Yellow Underiwng
Autumnal Rustic
Angle Shades
Common Wainscot
Brindled Green
Brown Spot Pinion
Beaded Chestnut

Of note in my village, a Wheatear flushed on route to the pub, and a Comma through the front garden in glorious weather.

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  1. I agree with Large Ranunculus, I saw one last week, the gold flecking is quite distinctive. I know you live over the border, but have you come across the Norfolk Moths website ( It has a section where you can view thumbnails of all of the moths in the database by date or month, its very handy for seeing whats around at what time of the year. I am going to get a trap for Christmas, but will probably have to get an actinic light because I have a very overlooked backyard and don't want to dazzle the neighbours!