Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Landguard chill

Must have been a tough little bird to make it here, considering the onslaught of westerlies in recent weeks. When news broke of a trapped and ringed Arctic Warbler the night before, I put to bed any thoughts of planning and paperwork for the day. After remembering to insure my car (!) I set off after a quick breakfast. I arrived just in time; a shout came down from the obs that the bird had just been re-trapped! Amazing, I would get to see it! Kindly, the bird was bought down for the waiting group to view, before being released. It flew deep into a tamarisk and sometimes obscured views were obtained of the bird preening. I was able to see the long-ish primary projection; also of note was a long and rather stout bill, and of course the super! What a cracker, a lifer for me and proof that even without an easterly blow anything is possible.
Called in at Christchurch Park Ipswich on the way home. Parked at Crown Pools and walked back on myself into the park. Spotted a female Mandarin Duck braving it amongst the Mallards, and a walk round the small lake produced 3 roosting Males. Very much the Gok Wan of the duck world.
Apologies for the poor photos, only had the phone with me.


  1. Dropped into Ipswich?! Good lord. Still, must have been nice to see Gok Wan.

    In Zermatt is saw what was distinctly a bicolour black/white bird, was of starling jay size. A Woodpecker of sorts i think. Had the typical undulating flight of a WP.I noticed no other colour, and it was very shy. What do you think.

    Also lot of birds a little birds bigger than finch size and smaller than the blue trush. These had bold white squares on their upper tails, and buffy brown wings darkening toward the chest. These were between 1500 - 3000 meters. Also lots of house sparrows, which are always nice to see and lots of Marmots!

  2. Dunno mate, could well have been a pecker. Three Toed? What about Ring Ouzel?
    Smaller than Blue Rock Thrush: Rock Thrush?! A Wheatear? Sounds like there is some good wildlife up in that tax haven!