Sunday, 20 September 2009

Wells Woods, 20th September

Wells seemed to be the place to go today. Reports had been promising throughout the week, and the large areas of cover offered by the Holkham reserve and Wells are ideal for migrants. I didn't even try to convince the other half that a walk to halfway house was the order of the day; we are not quite at that stage just yet. The Blyth's Reed will have to wait; thankfully they are appearing almost annually in recent years.
Birds were in abundance, in particular female Pied Flycatchers (where are the males?!), Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. A Redstart was faithful to one spot in particular, in contrast to the roving flycatchers. Girlfriend picked out a Spotted Flycatcher and Treecreeper much to my pleasure! All this from one spot, waiting patiently. Shame a few 'birders' onsite were not prepared to do likewise; instead, what became familiar faces charged around and were suprised when they missed out!
After midday we finally decided to change location and headed past the dell and set up shop under some birches interspersed with oaks. 2 Firecrest were as usual a joy, and turned out to be the birds of the day. Another Pied Flycatcher was seen here, along with a Redstart. All female, suprise suprise. Watched the Firecrest until some pratt went trampling through the cover and reedbed behind. He emerged later claiming he could not see any Firecrest. Neither could we, now.
Missed the Yellow-Browed Warbler today, although a glimpse of a phyllosc with a wing bar was no doubt the critter herself. Had to be a her. And did those Glossy Ibis stick about for my journey back to Suffolk today? Did they hell! Must check Pipps Ford this week, fancy one to drop in there.
Drove home today listening to 'Birding from the hip' by the sound approach team. Enjoyable lsiten and dare I say it, therapeutic. Moth trap getting christened tonight; you will read it here first!

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