Sunday, 18 October 2009

17th October, North Norfolk Coast et al

*Stop press* Friday afternoon I finished a meeting at Broadland high earlier than expected, so searched in vain for the Horsey Pied Wheatear. Despite a pill box full of everything but a Wheatear, it was not a wasted trip. A Pomarine Skua flew inland over my head, amazing views. Fields in the area were full of Golden Plover, Turnstone mingled with the new arrivals. A Bonxie flew inland at Sea Palling in X-treme conditions. It stank of rare.

Saturday itself, and I decided to pump the phone with RBA credits. began at Pretty corner woods in Sheringham in search of a Red Breasted Flycatcher. No luck, a real bogey bird for me. Did enjoy 2 Firecrest and and Bullfinch.
West Runton, and for the second time this year a Short Toed Lark. Definite views in flight, and to be honest I was convinced I had the bird on the fence, but taking into account afterthought and views of fellow blogger James (sorry, did nay realise it was yourself!) I may have to reconsider.
Quick trundle round Overstrand wood revealed a Yaffle, and I decided to push on to Titchwell.
Brief stop at Warham Greens turned up a female Blackcap, Mistle Thrush, a covey of 6 Grey Partridge and a tit fest.
Titchwell itself was very much on form. Ring tail Hen Harrier passed through, a Little Stint hung out with some Dunlin and 2 Shorelark were distant at best. Icing on the cake was a Grey Phalarope, looking very delicate. Cracking bird and a good end to the day.
Pagering? Not really for me, and had it not been for the Phalarope maybe I would have regretted it. However, you do turn up a few familiar faces throughout the day, if not the birds...


  1. Hiya. Sorry I didn't recognise you to say hi at West Runton! No offence meant about the bird on the fence, but from where I was it looked to have too much streaking on the underparts. Added to the previous skulking behaviour, it would have been odd to have seen it that out in the open. No doubts about the initial flight views though!

  2. Hi James. No worries- on being alerted to the bird on the fence by a couple of birders who were convinced it was the ST, I was more than happy to agree! Couldn't make out streaking from the angle I was; will check carefully next time! 2 Short Toed Larks in 2 fields at W Runton this year, incredible really. Maybe the same bird returning.