Sunday, 4 October 2009


A weekend off the birding due to illness. Extremely frustrating hearing others are out and about finding their own birds. The only consolation being that it appears to have been a quietish weekend in this neck of the woods?

Managed to rouse myself for the moth trap, and lured a few beauties in over the 2 nights:

Merveille Du Jour
Large and Lesser Yellow Underwing
Brown Spot Pinion
Barred Sallow
Lunar Underwing
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Black Rustic
Beaded Chestnut
Blair's Shoulder Knot
Burnished Brass
Red Line Quaker
Red Underwing

Most of these are still very new to me, and whilst I can now put a name to some, every time I trap something new turns up, which is great!
Thoughts for the week? Thursday looks good for sea-watching, although teaching doesn't allow. Hoping for a trundle round east Norfolk next weekend. Some good stuff down at Abberton Reservoir, have not visited before and now seems like a good time.

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