Saturday, 31 October 2009

teacher's week

Not in the Scillies, that will have to wait. For what I'm not sure.
One or Two bits to report, so I'll lump it under one entry to save hassle.
Happisburgh on Thursday was very quiet. Very little of note aside from a tame Egyptian Goose cavorting with the Mallards by the road through the village. The clifftop walk and Doggetts Lane revealed a sickly Chaffinch, a single Gannet out at sea and some kids burning an old caravan down by the rocks.
Pushed onto Waxham, deciding to bash through a but of cover behind the Church. The noise of Blackbirds going nuts got the pulse racing, so I slid down the seawall into the cover to see the back end of an Owl retreating, which I originally thought to be Tawny. The Blackbirds helped me relocate the bird and I was 'treated' to similar views- damn! However, I did notice a very pale underwing and after a chat with T.A who was in the area, it was agreed that it was most likely a Long eared Owl. One of my favourite species, and I have come across a few in recent years but never good views!
Finished at Horsey with a red sun-set and Geese; wonderful stuff. A silohuetted Falcon catching insects in the near dark was probably a young kestrel, but I have since considered Red-Footed, although this would be a very late record. The behaviour and time of day just seemed odd for a Kestrel.
Met a friend at Holkham yesterday and we walked through the pinewoods. Tit flocks were vocal and Jays were very forthcoming. At the end of the trail, with a view towards Burnham, I picked up a Peregrine Falcon on the ground, having a drink from a puddle! Great views, and presumably the same bird was seen in flight over the bay later on that morning. Marsh Harrier and Kestrel also seen well.
I tried for the Shotesham Siberian Chiffy on the way home, after an hours wait I had seen a blue tit, lots of thrushes and a lady getting her washing in. I decided it was best to admit defeat for now. Nice area and some accommodating locals, many thanks to the finder and the residents. I will try again before I go back to work, if time allows.

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