Thursday, 23 June 2011


Finally managed the 100 species mark at Surlingham Church Marsh this evening. 101 soon followed, but the big one first.
As you may know, I am currently stuck on 299 BOU for my British Life List. What will number 300 be? It won't be a Caspian Tern. It might be a Quail. It might even be a Little Swift. It will be a special bird whatever the feather. Now, my 100th bird recorded in the Surlingham CM tetrad was never going to be as grandiose as the above cast, but I had hoped for a little better than a pair of Red-Legged Partridge! Still, colourful as ever, and this time they really meant something!
Whilst the main reserve was a little quiet with Duck numbers right down, number 101 went to a much nicer bird- a Common Tern, purposefully heading up river. 95 for the year, thankyou!
The lagoon was quiet as aforementioned, 2 Lapwing were present and 1 chick was seen- running away from me on the circular footpath! One odd piece of behaviour to report: The Shelduck with 6 young appears to have attracted the attention of a single Egyptian Goose. On my 2 previous visits I had the Goose with the ducklings, and thought nothing of it, a fluke perhaps. But today I can confirm- this Goose thinks it is a Shelduck.
I decided to check the Little Owl tree again, and for the first time I actually watched 2 birds together. I had no doubts there was a pair around, but this is the first time I have recorded 2 individuals. Lots of head-bobbing going on, glorious views of this species so full of character.

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