Friday, 3 June 2011

Lakenheath Fen then a patch evening

It was rather hot at Lakenheath Fen yesterday, and as usual the flagship species proved difficult on this cracking June day. We did hear Golden Oriole, and others managed the odd glimpse, be prepared to wait if you want a proper look! Another birder had seen a Common Crane on the ground, but on our arrival we were not so lucky. A Hobby was a nice bonus though; I remember seeing 30-odd here last year! 3 Cuckoos flew across our field of view, calling to one another, perhaps settling a territorial dispute. Reed and Sedge Warblers were both very active despite the heat, nest building and singing taking up their time.
I was visiting a non birding friend out west, so I really only scratched the surface here, but an early start would pay dividends I am sure. What a reserve; I always leave with that thought!
Surlingham was beautiful in the fading light, the pink sky the backdrop for reeling and warbling of the residents. 2 Barn Owls were seen, and one individual has I think gotten used to seeing me, for s/he glances in my direction every now and then but continues to hunt regardless. I watched the bird carrying a vole, flying with purpose towards Wood's End.
Grasshopper Warblers were in full song, 5 birds reeling in total. I have not heard them for a while, but then again I have not visited as late as this for a while.
3 Oystercatchers were a patch record (!) and whilst one pair of Lapwing appear to have lost their chick (sad face) the other bird that had been sitting tight is now the proud mother of 4 chicks!
Walking past the ruins, it was evident a good few bats were out and about. Going purely on size and jizz, I would say the majority were Pips but a couple of larger beasties may have been Natterers.
I then went for a drive round the nearby villages of Rockland and Claxton. An unexpected chill had perhaps caused the mist to cling to the grazing fields, and more bats were on the hunt. I stopped and listened at various spots, Owls and Quail the targets. Drew a blank, but still ample opportunity as yet.

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  1. Really enjoyed your blogs lately buddy ! I got my broad billed sandpiper tiday. A lifer for me so bonus :-) .Good to here that u still have grasshoppers reeling on ur patch.,. Great bird to hear in a summers evening . I really must get down to surlingham soon as it seems to have good variety of birds. Ur pictures of Swallowtails at strumpshaw fen were super mate. I went last week and got osprey but missed the Swallowtails so seeing them pictures wants me to get back there asap! Keep up the good work mate and look forward to reading ur next blog.