Monday, 21 May 2012


After a weekend of booze, cockneys and football (spot the bad apple there) I arrived home feeling like I had missed out. A couple of midweek visits to the patch has been fruitless, I can't even find a Garden Warbler. With the brilliant Savi's a distant memory, I needed a boost. Yes, I left The Broads, for Wiveton.
Wanted to see one of these for ages, and after a near miss in recent years I couldn't resist a Bee-eater that had stayed put for too long. It was great to watch, leaving the wires to nab a bee before returning to gorge. These things eat bees, hardcore. Whilst I was there this afternoon, each time it left the perch it always caught a bee. An expert!

Some other decent stuff about at the moment, and the end of the week looks good....maybe too good. Purple Heron at Surlingham?

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