Saturday, 12 May 2012

Flirting with Kites, then up with the sun.

Had a classic 'one that got away' moment yesterday. Driving home from work around 4.30pm, crossed over the Attleborough Breckland Lodge roundabout and proceeded to lean all over my passenger looking at birds, something he and she are quite used to by now. Thinking I had a Common Buzzard, I slowed the car slightly but not significantly. By now the bird in question was flying away from me, but I could make out a whacking great tail and forward-tilted wings. This was a Kite, probably a Red Kite and at that distance and angle I couldn't make out the forked tail. Nice, a good bird for the journey list, although frustratingly not ID'd for certain. Back to Alice in Chains and the ride home.
On arrival home and the weekend beckoning, I checked RBA online. Eyes widen. 'Possible Black Kite over A11 at 5pm'. POSSIBLE?! DEFINATE MORE LIKE! So yes reader, I probably missed a Black Kite. Possibly. Maybe. There was no way I could have stopped the car, or nailed the features at that distance. Stil rather galling I can tell you!
Quick to get this out of my system, I was up with the Lark and headed to Surlingham just after 5 this morning. As always, a treat to be out that time of the day. Proof?
Can't say I saw anything notable; added Whitethroat to the year list and observed nest building, saw 2 Cuckoo,  the Lapwing are back, a lovely male Sparrowhawk shot over the marsh and an excellent Fox was at Wood's End. Still, all lovely to see. A look round Claxton Marshes gave me my first Hobby of the year. I realised he was dressed like Jack White from the White Stripes days.
I have added this picture that Debs took. I like it, because it looks like an aberrant Puma is hunting Cattle in Norfolk. Is that a Pacific Swift overhead? No. No its not.

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