Monday, 28 May 2012

Broadland Wildlife Photo Special!

No doubt there were birds to be found on the coast this weekend just gone, but as the drive out and a hike in the heat didn't appeal, I stuck to some local sites in the hope of some good birds.
Ranworth Broad Friday night, a sunset Cormac McCarthy would have been proud of. No sign last week's reported Night Heron, but as sunset arrived I had the place to myself and enjoyed the comings and goings of large numbers of Common terns (50+), the odd Marsh Harrier, Kingfisher and a moment of panic in the water which was probably the back end of an Otter having nabbed a Grebe chick for supper.

Saturday, and a trip to the patch. Finally heard a Garden Warbler, two infact, but did not get to observe either, typical for this species. Two Marsh Harrier flew towards Wood's End and a Kestrel hunted the marsh. Not the Red-footed Falcon I had been hoping for. Turning my attention to Damselflies, I recorded both Large Red and a blue species, views not good enough to separate Common Blue and Azure. My favourite though was a female Banded Demoiselle, very nice. A small emergance of Holly Blue Butterflies had perhaps taken place, three seen here and one back in Norwich!

Other than that, very quiet of late at Surlingham. Hopeful of something decent this week, Marsh Warbler would be appreciated! Total lack of Wader activity for ages now, perhaps the pair of Lapwing are a little hostile to visitors.
Sunday and a visit to Barton Broad and my first Dragonfly species of the year: 2 Hairy, fighting or mating, not sure there. 3 male Brimstone, 3 Male Orange Tip and a Holly Blue all in the carpark. Little on the Broad itself, worryingly Tern numbers seem very low this year.
Don't get me wrong, a gorgeous weekend and as always a privilege to have such a variety of wildlife close to home. Just lacking that something special on the avian front though.......half term a week away, Breydon for a WR Sand or Surlingham for a Purple Heron!
Did have this chap last Thursday, what a beauty.

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