Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Just went to the patch.

Wearing shorts was probably an error, got stung a couple of times, but opportunities have been few and far between lets be honest! The remaining heat meant that a few Dragonflies were still on the wing tonight, including a female Keeled Skimmer and a few Hairy.
17!!! Lapwing was a patch record for me. The flock may well have been on the lagoon as I could hear some calling as I walked round, but only saw them in the air moving away. The mother and 2 chicks stayed on the lagoon of course; looks like one of the 3 has copped it. Kingfisher and the unattached male Marsh Harrier were the other highlights this evening. 2 broods of Gadwall, 4 Egyptian Geese and a couple of vocal Sedge Warbler completed the 'action'.
A Hobby was reported, yesterday.

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