Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Damsels, and we're going on a Quail hunt.

So, what's new? Damselflies that last year would have just gone down as 'Blue' are now being assigned to species level by this amateur naturalist! The last couple of days at Surlingham and Claxton have thrown up Common Blue, Azure, Banded and Large Red Damselfly. Photo below is I believe a smart looking Azure. The wind has forced our local Butterflies to hunker down, but my unusually good track record with Wall Brown continues, one on the wing at Claxton yesterday. Photo below.
Met Ricky yesterday evening for a quick jaunt round his patch. Proper 'good to be out' evening. Hobby in amongst the Swifts and Cuckoo over the obvious highlights. Ricky also pointed out the key spots for Waders around the reserve and river bank, I am jealous!
We then set out on a Quail hunt amongst farmland near Norwich. Another Hobby passed through, hunting Barn Owl, calling Tawny and a few farmland birds but no Quail....yet. I am sure this species goes under-reported so hopefully the missus will excuse the odd anti-sociable evening trip out to listen for the 'wet-your-lips' call. Had 6 calling standing in one spot last Summer, but that is a bit far too drive to once a week.
This morning got off to a flyer. Attempting to rescue some Snails from the lawnmower, I stopped and looked up. Some 'chip, chip' calls; 8 Crossbill! Heading east over the city. My best city tick so far! Buoyed by this, I tidied up the garden and headed to Surlingham. 2 Common Buzzards over the A146 at the Surlingham turn-off looked great, one individual missing a primary feather from both wings.
Onto the reserve, and a Barn Owl was hunting in broad daylight, flying across to Postwick, with food. A male Marsh Harrier still lingers here, a failed breeder by now surely. Good news from the lagoon- the Lapwing have fledged 2/3 young. Here's hoping they last this time.

Think the Moth is a Common Carpet?

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