Sunday, 17 June 2012

The week past, and some Moths to look at.

Blyth's Reed has to be the toughest bird I have ever twitched! I expected a tough time of it, and got off lightly compared to some. This was of course Saturday 10th, and after news broke and some dithering I set off solo for this elusive acro. The bird began to sing not long after I arrived, various whistles and peeps interspersed with some top Tit mimicking. Eventually, a few glimpses as the bird moved quickly through the undergrowth. A 'decent' view of 5 seconds in the pit was as good as it got! Not a looker it has to be said, but worth it for the song alone.
Surlingham was actually decent this last week, a couple of visits provided good views of Kingfisher, Cuckoo, Marsh Harrier and the Lapwing chicks (3). The forecast for the week ahead doesn't look too bad, so hopefully some glorious evenings in the sun. 

Stayed with the parents last night, so despite the wind the Moth trap was set up and scrutinized this morning.
One or two ID issues as usual (part of the fun) but so far the relatively light haul included:
Common Swift 3
Marbled Minor 3
Privet Hawkmoth
Dusky Brocade
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Silver Y
Heart and Dart
Treble Lines.

                                                                 Common Swift (Thanks Jonny).

                                                                  Privet Hawkmoth

                                                                 Treble Lines


  1. Hi Jim,

    I think your Orange is a Common Swift. Orange is a lil different and flies later in the year...

    Very jealous of your Privet Hawk!



  2. You are spot on Jonny, not sure why I thought it was an Orange Swift now! I do love the Moth trapping, but don't get to do it with any regularity so mistakes are still made.
    The Privet Hawk was awaiting right at the bottom of the barrel, what a beast! Cheers.